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We’ve replaced paper forms and messy spreadsheets in thousands of businesses like yours.

Keeping track of who’s off and when is pretty easy when there’s only two or three of you to think about.

But as your team grows, or you get multiple teams to manage, things get more complicated. Every time someone wants a day off you’ve got paperwork to sign-off and clunky spreadsheets to update.

We regularly come across people ’making do’ with spreadsheets and paperwork. We see people not taking their PTO entitlement — which is really important for their health, wellbeing and productivity at work.

But it needn’t be hard, because we made an app to make your life a touch easier and your team a little happier.

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“A breath of fresh air”

“Timetastic is the undisputed champion of holiday booking. Our team is hooked; one member even said they logged in just to admire the interface! HR-type platforms are littered with clunky solutions, Timetastic is a breath of fresh air. Its user experience is so intuitive, it's like it reads your mind and books your holiday before you even think about it.”

Gav Winter

“An invaluable asset”

“I highly recommend Timetastic for streamlined leave management. With 100+ employees submitting and approving time off requests via intuitive desktop or mobile apps, scheduling is very easy... By saving time, reducing admin, and improving company culture around time off, Timetastic is an invaluable asset that scales with our growing business.”

Scott Shields

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Proud to be part
of The Citation Group

Citation are a large group that covers all manner of services and software for small to medium businesses. They exist to save you from the pain of bureaucracy and help you run an efficient business. Things like HR, Employment Law, Training, Health & safety, ISO certifications, Cyber security.

Corporate citizenship

’Corporate citizenship’ can sound a bit grand, but being a profitable business doesn’t mean we can’t have a positive influence on other people’s lives or the environment we live in.

B Corp™

Certified B Corporations are a new kind of business that are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.

Certified B Corp

1% for the Planet

1% for the Planet is a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions through annual memberships and everyday actions.

1% for the Planet

100 Trees Club

Significant tree planting forms part of the UK’s plan to get to zero carbon by 2050. And by significant we mean planting 12 million trees a year!

Our contribution is being part of the 100 Trees Club to help plant some of the 50 million trees planned as part of the Northern Forest.

100 trees club

Smart Works

We were introduced to Smart Works back in February 2018 and have since become a key supporter of their Manchester centre. Smart Works helps unemployed women get back into work by giving them expert interview coaching and providing a high quality outfit.

Over 60% of their clients land a job within their first month, and so far they’ve helped over 15,000 women all over UK. We’re delighted to be involved.

Smart Works

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Raw Impact team

Not many charities begin with a blind date. But that’s the story of RAW, a nonprofit working to empower vulnerable Cambodian families.

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Buffer team

How Google Calendar and Slack integrations are helping Buffer with transparency and visibility.

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