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PTO and vacation tracking, solved.

Without Timetastic, keeping track of PTO and vacations is a nightmare. Spreadsheets and shared calendars. It’s hard keeping everything up-to-date, yet another admin burden to weigh you down.

With Timetastic, you’ve got a slick way to request PTO on desktop or mobile. All your time off tracked and recorded, and your calendar instantly updated. It’s a huge weight off your shoulders.

Let’s see how Timetastic works...

Tablet wallchart
Mobile booking
Mobile calendar
Keep track of your PTO balance
Remaining allowance
Time off at a glance
Calendar months
Time off at a glance
Calendar months
Summary of time off
Leave summary
Request approved
Instant email notifications
Your time off

It’s simple, and beautiful…

  1. You get a slick PTO request policy

    You won’t need any scrappy PTO request forms anymore. You log in to Timetastic, check the calendar, and click the days you want off work. Done in an instant.

  2. You’ll be back in control of PTO

    Every PTO request is recorded and tracked as it’s happening. You can see a tally of how many days off anyone has taken and what balance they have left.

  3. An up-to-date vacation calendar

    Feed all your bookings directly into your personal or team vacation calendar. The instant anyone books a vacation - bang, calendars and schedules are all updated.

  4. Never forget when someone is off

    Instead of coming into work and scratching your head about where someone is, Timetastic will keep you updated by sending a weekly schedule and daily notification.

  5. An end to those messy spreadsheets

    You’ll get so much time back to yourself. You won’t have to fiddle about with awkward spreadsheets, and your team won’t need to keep asking how much PTO they have left.

  6. And you’ll never miss a birthday again

    The icing on the cake! Timetastic will even tell you when it’s your colleague’s birthday, so you can organise a nice card or cake. 🎂

See Timetastic in action

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It’s got everything you need to keep track of PTO and your team vacations

The first thing you’ll see in Timetastic is your new interactive wall chart. At a glance you can see who’s in and who’s not. Click to request time off, use it to plan ahead, make sure busy periods are covered and avoid any clashes.

Your teamBook time off
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Everyone loves using Timetastic

There’s currently over 170,000 people using Timetastic to book their PTO. Instead of manually updating spreadsheets and calendars, they open up Timetastic to check their vacation allowance. Then it’s just a few clicks to book a day off.

  • Vacation and leave planning made simple.

    Sarah Fryling
  • Knowing your coworkers PTO schedule was overlooked before we started using Timetastic, but now I cannot imagine life without it.

    Ken Wildermouth
  • Perfect vacation planner... Timetastic is definitely fantastic.

    Daniel Kroeger
  • No more confusion as to who is supposed to be on duty or who in-fact is on leave for the day, or absent on vacation.

    Cindy Calvert
  • There is no messing about with complicated excel sheets... viewing when people are away and authorising requests is ridiculously straight forward.

    James Corry
  • Previously we used an Excel spreadsheet to track holiday. Not very robust. This is far better, and it costs peanuts!

    Chris Maslin

The 5 star reviews just keep coming

Timetastic is very user friendly. It keeps me in the loop at work and also allows me to utilize the app at home,...

Trisha Edwards

I like that I can see the entire calender for all staff off, I would like a notification ding as soon as a new o...

Jennifer Phillips

I'm the person responsible for tracking time away for a staff of 70. Timetastic has made my job a lot easier as...

Julie Poff


Marjorie Jose

Public holidays

Public holidays from 250 countries

Every state is covered, from Alaska to Wyoming. Timetastic supports over 3,000 regions from around the world.

  • PTO
  • Vacation
  • Sickness
  • Maternity
  • Paternity
  • Unpaid leave
  • Bereavement
  • Compassionate
  • Jury duty
  • Personal day

Free for your first 30 days

Your can use Timetastic completely free for 30 days, you don’t need to enter any payment details or phone numbers.

So you can start tracking PTO right away, see how it goes, check it works for you, no questions asked.

If after 30 days it’s looking good, then Timetastic is just $1.50 per user/month.

200,000+ people use Timetastic

Timetastic has been helping people book their PTO since 2012. Doctors, web design agencies, car dealers, online retailers, charities - over 8,000 businesses just like yours.

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